Product Selection

Superior Rex's RAMP program is an engineering design tool allowing application-based selection of fan coils, blower coils and air handlers for commercial HVAC systems. The RAMP installation includes all of the Superior Rex air distribution selection software suite of products:

  • RAMP 2.1.30, Fan Coil, Blower Coil and Air Handler

RAMP dynamically calculates a range of products that will operate at user-specified conditions, allowing the design engineer to pick the best fit for the application. It contains a water coil performance calculator, and an AHRI standard acoustic engine that can calculate NC levels. RAMP also saves selected products to a schedule which can be exported to Excel to use in your AutoCad drawings.

Download RAMP

(If you have an older version of RAMP, RAMP 9 will convert your files to the latest version.)